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UK & Ireland

Whether it is a fitness or sports tour, we work across the UK from Cornwall to Yorkshire, Bath to the Cotswolds and Edinburgh to Cardiff, tailoring your itinerary to the needs of the group.

  • Sports- Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis


With flying or ferry options Ireland is a superb location for any short haul tour destination, with daily flights from 29 UK airports and ferries running from Holyhead and Liverpool. Whilst sport here is seasonal, tours here can consist of fixtures against suitable local opposition in addition to training sessions and a range of excursions.

  • Local languages: English

  • Time Difference: 0 hours

  • Flight Time: 1.5 hours

  • Sports- Rugby (July-August preseason), Netball (September-March), Cricket (March-September), Hockey

Cricket Player
Rugby Game

Channel Islands

The Channel Islands provide an ideal short sports tour destination for any type of group. With either flight or ferry options, our expertise, knowledge and contacts enables us to provide memorable sports tours specialising in Jersey & Guernsey.

  • Flight time: 1 hour

  • Sports- Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis

Field Hockey in Action


By plane, train or boat France is an ideal destination for groups wanting a short trip away, with tours in the Cities, we can plan a tour to include some of Frances famous attractions along the way.

  • Local languages: French

  • Time Difference: +1 hours

  • Flight Time: 1 hour +

  • Sports- Rugby


With sunshine over 300 days of the year, Portugal is the perfect destination for short-haul tours for almost all year round.

  • Local languages: Portuguese

  • Time Difference: +1 hours

  • Flight Time: 3 hours

  • Sports- Tennis, Rugby, Hockey

Rugby Team


The Dutch are best known in the sporting world for their high standard of Hockey from grass roots levels upwards.  From the iconic canals in Amsterdam, modernisation though Rotterdam, Historical Utrecht and where the sea meets the city in the Hague, Holland is easily accessible by coach and plane making it a viable option for those on a budget or wanting a shorter tour. The Netherlands is an easy destination to travel to and around ensuring that not only will you have plenty of sport on offer but lots to do in between fixtures.

  • Local languages: Dutch

  • Time Difference: +1 hours

  • Flight Time: 1 hour

  • Coach Time: Approx. 3.5-4.5 hours from Calais

  • Sports- Hockey, Cricket

Field Hockey Huddle


Cyprus is a great warm-weather destination for a tour any time of the year. With strong ties to the UK education system, many sports are played in schools across Cyprus. The main cities on the island include Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca but well worth a visit to the Capital Nicosia to witness the Country’s history and divide between Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) and Southern Cyprus (Greek Cypriot) as well as plenty of other fun day excursions.

  • Local languages: Greek & Turkish

  • Time Difference: +2 hours

  • Flight Time: 4.5 hours

  • Sport- Netball (Sept-May), Hockey (Sept-June), Tennis (year round), Rugby (Sept-June) Cricket (Sept-May)

Netball Cyprus 5.JPG


Within a couple of hours you can be transported to Spain, with almost year-round warm weather, beautiful culture and so many places to visit, it is an ideal location for a tour. We work with many Resorts and sports operators throughout the Country to provide fantastic facilities and itinerary options from the Cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia to seaside towns of Alicante, Mar Menor, and the Canary Islands.

  • Local languages: Spanish

  • Time Difference: +1 hours

  • Flight Time: 2-3 hours

  • Sports Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis

Tennis Player


Malta is the ideal short haul destination for any sporting group, all year around (with the exception of mid-July until the end of August). The Island is steeped in 7,000 years of history with plenty to do outside of training sessions and fixtures. Sports tours are suitable for Youth age groups up to Adult tours and can be tailored to your teams level, age and ability. 

  • Local languages: Maltese, English

  • Time Difference: +1 hours

  • Flight Time: 3 hours

  • Sports Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis

Happy Sports Team

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is the centre for tourism in the Middle-East. With its two major cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai within an hour drive of each other, it is a fantastic location for a tour for year round warmth and sunshine. The UAE has evolved to be a hub for international sporting events such as the Rugby 7s, Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and the end of season European Golf Tour. There is also fantastic state of the art facilities at the Dubai Sports City and the ICC Cricket Academy. Our tours will provide you access to the best accommodation, transport, sport & excursions the state has to offer.

  • Local language: Arabic - English is widely spoken

  • Time Difference: +4 hours

  • Flight Time: 7 hours Direct

  • Sports: Netball, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey

Example Itinerary

Dubai Jebel Ali Training.jpg



The second largest country in South America and a hugely proud sporting nation. It boasts a wealth of fabulous excursions including Iguazu Falls and the Andes. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, provides tourists with a bustling atmosphere supported by busy cafes, restaurants and bars. All visitors to Argentina are genuinely touched by its friendly people, amazing food and beautiful natural wonders. There are also good transport links from Argentina into other South American countries such as Brazil, Chile and Uruguay should you wish us to create a multi destination itinerary. 

  • Local language: Spanish

  • Time Difference: -3 hours

  • Flight Time: 13 hours direct

  • Sports- Hockey, Rugby

Example Itinerary

Precision Shot


Sport runs through the veins of most Americans, however the USA is a vast country and many sports played in the UK can be hard to find. However sports such as Netball and Rugby have grown and developed over the last few years and are now being played at grass root levels and beyond. We work alongside these sports in Florida and New York regions and have enabled us to run tours to these destinations previously. Coupled with so many exciting excursions and activities to choose from, makes the U.S. a fantastic place for any tour group to visit. There are also good transportation links into the Caribbean and South America should you want to create an itinerary with diversity.

  • Language- English

  • Time Difference -5 Hours

  • Flight time- 8 Hours Direct (New York), 9.5 Hours (Florida)

  • Sports- Netball, Rugby, Hockey




A beautiful island in the Caribbean with stunning white sandy beaches and warm weather all year round. The island is passionate about sports, providing a huge range at a variety of standards, making it the perfect fitness and sports tour destination. We can provide your group with an unforgettable fitness or sports tour to include balanced fixtures and the opportunity to fully experience the island traditions with a great range of excursions and restaurants.

  • Local language: English

  • Time Difference: -4 hours

  • Flight Time: 8 hours

  • Sports- Netball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis

Example Itinerary

Netball Tobago 5.JPG


Grenada is hard to beat for a Caribbean holiday, with gorgeous soft-sand beaches and a mountainous and lush rainforest. It's elegant little capital, St George's, is a strong contender for the prettiest in the region. Moreover, the so-called Spice Island is far less developed for tourism than many of the other main Caribbean islands. There are no resorts as such, no high-rise developments, and even the most popular beaches are usually quiet. At the same time, Grenada has a good selection of hotels to suit all budgets, along with some memorable restaurants and fun excursions. Most of the appealing places to stay, eat and drink, plus the finest beaches and St George's, are all conveniently concentrated in the island's south-west corner, so few journeys take more than 30 minutes.

  • Local languages: English

  • Time Difference: -4 hours

  • Flight Time: 10 hours indirect

  • Sports Cricket, Netball, Tennis

Cricket Player


Antigua is one of the 2 major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda and is best known for its beaches, ringed with coral reefs and year round good weather. Cricket, Netball and Tennis are played in schools across the island in beautiful settings. There is plenty to do during any spare time on the Island, set along English Harbour, restored Nelson’s Dockyard, a marina and the Dockyard Museum, there are trails that lead up to Shirley Heights, a former military lookout with panoramic views. There is a high speed ferry that can take you for a day trip or overnight stay to Barbuda for some R&R to begin or end your tour.

  • Local languages: English

  • Time Difference: -4 hours

  • Flight Time: 10 hours indirect

  • Sports Cricket, Netball, Tennis

Netabll LMC 10.jpeg

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago is a nation consisting of two islands like chalk and cheese. Trinidad is the faster paced, modernised island of the two, with high rise hotels and shops, bars and restaurants for the flocking tourists. The Port of Spain, the capital based in Trinidad offers fantastic transport links between other Caribbean islands and the United States. Tobago on the other hand is a much quieter and slower paced destinations, with secluded beaches and smaller boutique style hotels.

 Cricket, Netball and Tennis are played in schools across both islands with both indoor and outdoor facilities. 

  • Local languages: English

  • Time Difference: -4 hours

  • Flight Time: 10 hours 40 mins

  • Sports Cricket, Netball, Tennis

Netball Tobago 3.JPG


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is where you will find beautiful beaches, incredible and friendly hospitality and culture all within this diverse Island.

Our Fitness Retreats are hosted on the beaches of the South Coast, whilst our sports groups can be hosted in Colombo, Kandy and/or South Coast. We do however recommend as part of any tour experience to consider including some memorable experiences across the island such as Whale watching, National Park Safari’s, Temple visits and train rides through the tea plantations to get a real feel for this Country’s heritage. The best time of year to visit is between December-April, the rest of the year can be subject to rain and monsoons.

  • Local language: Sinhala being the main (there are 6 others)

  • Time Difference: +5.5 hours

  • Flight Time: 10.5 hours direct

  • Sports Cricket, Netball, Hockey

Example Itinerary

Kerala Cricket.JPG


India offers a travel experience like no other. Considered one of the most diverse and spiritual countries on the planet, they are Cricket & Hockey crazy and is of course the birthplace of Yoga. Specialising in tours to Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Kerala we can create an itinerary that will enable you to experience the culture and customs of this colourful country with your own personal Success Representative throughout.

  • Local languages: Hindi & English

  • Time Difference: +5.5 hours

  • Flight Time: 8+ hours Direct

  • Sports Cricket, Netball & Hockey

Kerala cricket 3.JPG


With so much to see and do Singapore makes for an ideal stop over with theme-parks, waterfront attractions, a night safari and impressive architecture in the city. It is a great location for a multi-city tour, stop in Singapore for a training session, fixture or sightseeing trip on your way to Australia for an unforgettable tour experience.

  • Local languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil

  • Time Difference: +8 hours

  • Flight Time: 13 hours direct

  • Sports- Hockey, Netball & Rugby

Racket and Ball


Thailand has become a popular place for people all over the world to visit, or as a stop over on the way to Australasia. Visit Chang Mai or Phuket, or combine the two is a great experience for any player to embrace both sides that Thailand has to offer. The peace and tranquillity that can be found out of the Cities creates a perfect place to getaway and really experience the true beauty of Thailand.

  • Local languages: Thai

  • Time Difference: +7 hours

  • Flight Time: 11.5 hours direct

  • Sports- Tennis, Rugby, Cricket 


South Africa

Known as the 'Rainbow Nation,' South Africa has so much to offer as a travel destination. South African's are an extremely active Nation and are passionate about sport and fitness. Whilst being able to provide fixtures for our sporting groups and idyllic surroundings for our fitness groups, it would also be recommended by us to take in a Safari and visit some of the fantastic heritage and nature of this varying Country. We can tailor your itinerary to suit the needs and requirements of your group, whether you have one destination in mind when travelling to South Africa or you are interested in visiting a number of different regions across the country. We work with experienced suppliers to ensure a well organised, fun and safe trip for all.

  • Local language: There are 17, English being one of them & widely spoken

  • Time Difference: +2 hours

  • Flight Time: 11 hours non-stop

  • Sports Netball, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby

Example Itinerary

Rugby Player



A truly incredible destination for a sports tour! Each of Australia's major cities provides it's own unique experience. Combine stunning scenery, friendly locals, competitive sports fixtures and excursions like no other for an unforgettable tour experience! You could be playing a netball fixture in the morning and then standing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the afternoon. An experience here combines excursions and activities that thrill and educate, creating a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be forgotten! The bustling cities provide plenty to explore, with time to visit some of the amazing beaches, they'll be something for everyone. Our tours to Australia enable your group to experience as much of the beautiful country possible by including multiple stops, making it the perfect tour destination.

  • Local language: English

  • Time Difference: Perth +8 hours, Adelaide +9.5 hours, Sydney +11 hours

  • Flight Time: 24 hours with one stop (option of Direct route to Perth 17 hours)

  • Sports: Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis

Australia Netball.jpg

New Zealand

The stunning country is a fantastic long-haul destination for a tour, with a wide range of activities to add to your itinerary. Your flight to New Zealand will take around 25 hours, so a stop on the way in Dubai or Singapore is the perfect opportunity to include another fantastic destination for a multi country tour.

  • Local language: English

  • Time Difference: +13 hours

  • Flight Time: 26 hours with one stop

  • Sports- Rugby, Cricket, Netball

Field Hockey Players
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