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Let us plan, arrange and deliver memorable tour experiences for your sports teams in the UK, Europe or further afield in our long haul destinations. Booking with us gives you the confidence that your group tour will be tailored to your requirements and learning objectives, whilst complying with health and safety guidelines. We specialise in Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Tennis tours for school, club, academies and professional teams proving you with the highest quality sports facilities and opposition.


Netball tours provide unforgettable experiences to develop skills and tactics whilst enhancing team bonding for all ages and levels. 

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Our experience of organising cricket tours is second to none and we are able to deliver accurate fixtures in all Test playing destinations as well as many other Club and School grounds across the globe.


Specialising in Astro surface field Hockey, our tours are composed  of well matched fixtures and  training sessions. We can also provide top class coaches for specific training sessions suitable for every member of the team.

Field Hockey Players
Rackets and Net


We can organise different playing formats for all of our tennis tours whether it’s developing singles, doubles or team game, in range of destinations and surfaces across the World.


Competitive preseason has proven to enhance the performance of a team throughout their season, as well as creating memories and developing team cohesion.

Rugby Tackle
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