Success Fitness and Sports Tours are here to plan and create the most fantastic travel experience for fitness and sporting groups. We understand what makes the perfect fitness and sports tours and only work with suppliers around the world that have this same understanding too, furthermore every destination we offer, we have visited ourselves.

We are passionate about supporting and developing youth level sport and believe touring experiences enhance the love for the sport and build several other skills along the way. Providing high quality tours in the UK, as well as across short and long haul destinations. Every group is unique and we will ensure once we know what you are looking for to take care of every detail, start to finish.

Success Tours have been delivering group travel for over 35 years and is part of The Albatross Group. In 2020 we decided to specialise in Fitness and Sports groups based on the knowledge, experience and expertise in this area of group travel. We have experience of delivery and being part of the tour experience for both fitness and travel groups, working with established suppliers all over the world to ensure not only the best quality but at the most affordable prices, with guaranteed financial protection.

We provide full support and advice to our group leaders during the planning (including inspection visits) and throughout the tour. Each of our tours are designed to perfectly suit the needs and objectives of every one of our tour groups. 

Our Purpose

To Treat everyone who travels with us like an individual we genuinely care about.

Our Ambition as a Group
We will build a sustainable business that develops its people and its partnerships with passion and energy.

The Albatross Way - Stronger Together



We have a passion for treating people as human beings and individuals. Ours is an open, friendly culture where customers, suppliers, business partners and our people know that they will find empathy, warmth, fairness, trust and respect.



We never forget our obligations as a business, or to each other. We take our work and our responsibilities to others seriously. We learn, we take ownership, and we address problems as and when they occur.



We are a solution-focused organisation. We believe that most situations can be resolved so that everybody feels good about the outcome. We offer our people opportunities and a positive safe working environment. In return, we ask for commitment to yourself through personal and professional development and a commitment to The Albatross Way.












Our story…..

Louise Dupree

I have been a fitness instructor for the past 17 years leading group exercise in Yoga, Pilates, dance, HIIT Les Mills programmes, Spin, Aqua and many more. 10 of these years were based working overseas teaching Brits on holiday, across Europe. I was responsible for the recruitment, training and support of all the fitness staff within the company. During this time, I built up a sound understanding of what it was that people wanted out of a fitness holiday, getting the perfect balance within a group’s itinerary. Since moving back to the UK in 2015 I worked for a company that specialised in Sports tours, where I gained further invaluable experience within the travel industry. I learnt how to support large groups in their bespoke planning and delivery of the most incredible holiday experiences all over the world. Sadly, this company became a victim to the Covid crisis, and I saw this as the time for me to combine my area of expertise and knowledge within the fitness and travel industry to create fitness retreats in the UK, Europe and Rest of the World.

Whilst I am still involved in teaching fitness, I am excited to be launching this new company partnering with the Albatross and Success Tours groups. As an established tour operator with over 35 years’ experience, ABTOT and ABTA members, with a wealth knowledge and a team to support me to develop and grow this new company.